Orthodontics Benefits

Orthodontic treatment creates a healthy functional and beautiful mouth, helping to improve the health of teeth and improve personal appearance.

This helps mental and physical wellbeing of the individual.

Specifically, benefits include:

Improved health of teeth and gums

Straight and aligned teeth are easier to clean and protected from caries and gingivitis.

Denture improved overal functionality

Teeth that bite properly have a positive effect on chewing, swallowing, and speech.

Prevent wound of "protruding teeth"

It has been argued that the risk of injury to the anterior teeth is increased to 45% in children with protruding teeth.

Treatment of impacted teeth

Very often some teeth fail to erupt and remain enclosed in bone. Orthodontic treatment may save them and bring them in place. In this way, adjacent teeth are protected along with any problems of the bone that can cause the presence of an encapsulated tooth (root absorption, development of cyst, etc).

Other dental treatment optimization

Prosthetic artificial teeth, dental implants, gum disease or periodontal treatment, dental trauma and orthognathic surgery have better results when combined with orthodontic interventions .

Improvement of facial aesthetics

A beautiful smile promotes prosocial responses and helps to improve self esteem. Studies have shown that children with orthodontic problems face often social and emotional problems than children who have straight and healthy teeth.